• Torp Upgrades is a business that has spent more than 20 years developing ‘HUMAN UPGRADES’, a new concept and method that have created a new branch of human development. A branch and concept that can be compared to upgrading cars and robots.
  • In other words, you can order specific human upgrades and achieve upgraded results in business, sport and private life.
  • Torp Upgrades can be compared to a car tuning station. And just as motor mechanics can repair damage and improve cars, a Human Upgrader can do the same, but with people.


Torp Upgrades objective is to become a global leader in human development. To bring about results in business, sport and private life that no one else can match.


Torp Upgrades vision is that as many people in the world as possible should improve themselves based on our philosophy, concept and methods.


Torp Upgrades philosophy is that all problems and solutions are contained within the person themself. The big question is how to find the root problem and upgrade the solution.


Torp Upgrades always aspires to the highest standard and is constantly working to upgrade it.

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