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Svein Torp

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Founder & Upgrader


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born august 7th, 1979


«My passion in life is upgrading myself to new levels and helping others do the same. Feeling good new emotions I have never felt before, visualizing new things I have never seen before and then being able to go out into the world and do things I have never done before makes my life infinitely more meaningful.»


Svein Torp is a Norwegian entrepreneur and innovator.

He spent more than 20 years developing ‘HUMAN UPGRADES’, a new groundbreaking concept and method that can be compared to upgrading cars and robots. 

Through his upbringing he tested and experienced world famous techniques and methods in the fields of personal development. He was always searching for a method that gave immediately long-lasting and radical results in business, sports and private life and to his disappointment he never experienced this.

This motivated Svein´s inner «Musk and Jobs» to bark on a journey to disrupt the field of human performance development. 

Svein´s  top 3 work experience in business, sports and private life:


  1. Developed Human Upgrades - a new method and concept for high speed performance development

  2. Developed a new mental technique called SDB

  3. Developed a new physical treatment called «Muscle Perfection»

  4. Developed a new strategic system to track effect and results

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