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Tommy Sandtsad

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Date of birth: February 15th, 1987

«My passion is to get the most out of my own life, my potential and help other people to do the same!»


Tommy is educated in physiotherapy and sports science, an incredible former football player and he was running his own clinic prior to joining Torp Upgrades. 

Dedicating 8 years being a part of the development of Human Upgrades and specializing as an upgrader has resulted in Tommy being in charge of grand projects with some of the most notorious business companies in Norway and athletes globally. His ongoing desire for radical and high-speed results makes the word of mouth and his waiting-list long.

Tommy´s  top 3 work experience in business, sports and private life:


  1. 7 years with Norway´s #1 leading law firm 

  2. Working with Jet Man

  3. Esports Norway

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