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Torp Upgrade camps

Our office is located i Oslo, Norway but we are mobile and customize upgrade stations all around the world.


Our tailor-made camps offer a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of the "Human Upgrades" in a fun and supportive environment. These camps are customized to your specific needs and interests, and may include a variety of activities such as sports, adventures, and more.

During the camp, you'll have the opportunity to participate in upgrade sessions led by our team and get firsthand experience with the benefits of the upgrades. You'll be able to apply your newly acquired mindset in real-life activities and receive immediate feedback on how the upgrades enhance your performance and capabilities.

We are immensely proud of the outstanding instructors who are part of our team. Each instructor brings a distinct and individual approach to teaching, which collectively results in an unparalleled and extensive range of adventures that we offer to our valued clients. The depth and breadth of expertise our instructors possess is truly remarkable, and it enables us to provide one of the most diverse and enriching learning experiences in the world.

Enjoy exploring!

Meet the Team

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