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«Building a strong relationship with yourself and your machinery is the ultimate deal breaker for achieving true success as I see it. It gives me great pleasure in helping people around the world to feel real inner peace and happiness. The great level of energy, clarity and new skillset you get from upgrades takes your performance and results to a whole new level never seen before. Witnessing this magical transformation with myself and my clients it's what I live for.»


Handpicked by Svein Svein Torp, Carina has been a Human Upgrader for 9 years at Torp Upgrades. Her main focus has been on upgrading top leaders in Norway's biggest business companies with focus on private life matters.

Prior to Torp Upgrades, Carina worked 15 years as performance coach and professional dancer for artists in Norway and abroad. With a burning passion for developing young girls' talents, Carina in her early 20´s founded an international dance performance team (Urban Tribe), established a dance studio and platform for girls and women with the mission to empower their uniqueness through dance, creativity and music. She collaborated with UNICEF, Puma and performed on some of the biggest tv shows and artists around the world. (Pitbull, Florida, Snoop Dogg, Madcon, Mohombi, Jessy Matador, Mokobe, Machel Montano, La Meilleure Danse, Norway got talent, Dancing with the stars, Star fight, Eurovision to name a few.

Carina´s  top 3 work experience in business, sports and private life:


  1. Upgrading top leader and key leaders in Norway´s leading facility service company

  2. Upgrading Norway´s top leader in corporate finance and investment banking

  3. Upgrading female leaders with impact on environment, health, cultural and political issues. Focus has been on helping them connect with their more feminine relationship to themselves.


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