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Svein Torp

Svein Torp

Founder & Upgrader


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born august 7th, 1979


«My passion in life is upgrading myself to new levels and helping others do the same. Feeling good new emotions I have never felt before, visualizing new things I have never seen before and then being able to go out into the world and do things I have never done before makes my life infinitely more meaningful.»


Svein Torp, an ingenious and pioneering Norwegian, has dedicated more than two decades of his life to perfecting a cutting-edge concept and methodology known as "HUMAN UPGRADES." This revolutionary approach can be likened to the process of upgrading cars or robots, but instead focuses on enhancing the human experience.

From a young age, Svein was exposed to various renowned techniques and methods in the realm of personal development. However, he always yearned for an approach that delivered immediate, lasting, and profound outcomes in all aspects of life, whether it be in business, sports, or personal affairs. Despite his tireless search, he remained disillusioned with the available options.

Driven by his inner "Musk and Jobs," Svein embarked on a quest to revolutionize the field of human performance development. Through his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, he created a game-changing methodology that is poised to change the way we approach personal growth forever.

Svein´s  top 3 work experience in business, sports and private life:


  1. Developed Human Upgrades - a new method and concept for high speed performance development

  2. Developed a new mental technique called SDB

  3. Developed a new physical treatment called «Muscle Perfection»

  4. Developed a new strategic system to track effect and results

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